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little stars


a sleepy cute mix for the sleepiest prosecutor!
note: i made an all music box/chiptune mix bc i do not know this chara yet. these are just the vibes he emits!!!!!
i'll probably end up making a cute mix for him once game starts or somethin idk

  • Toumei Answer-JIN (FULL) by Chunmeista
  • (Hello How Are You) 8 Bit by bewgyrkd
  • Happy Synthesizer 8bit by vocaloid
  • Meltdown (鏡音リン Kagamine Rin) by MUSIC BOX
  • 【Vocaloid】 Synchronicity 2 3 【8 Bit】 by ivdnsuak
  • Toeto 8 Bit by luka
  • Legend of Mermaid (Orgel Version) by Aluizio Lopes
  • Paradichlorobenzene by len
8 tracks
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