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sinnoh region


Alright, the time has come. Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. On your journey, you will meet countless Pokémon and people. I'm sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even something about yourself. Now, go on, leap into the world of Pokémon!

edit:// 9-28-16: if u guys have been following this mix u'll know tht 8tracks has brutally murdered it.. im in the process of trying to restore the integrity of the mix rn bc i'll be damned if i have to have some shitty tracks on it to keep gold. i feel like its kind of a cop out to have gold but half ass the tracks so the mix can stay up so! im gonna work on fixing it!

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thanks for the playlist! it bringds back a lot of chlidhood memories and relaxes me too in the heat of school work! this was my first game so it means quite a lot to me :3