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moving mountains.


these two are the epitome of the power couple no one can tell me otherwise


fab fanart by fancymarquis

EDIT 11/10/2016 fixed originally soundcloud-sourced tunes; deleted fluorescent adolescent and added the beach
EDIT 3/1/2017 added tracklist link

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omg i'm such an idiot because i haven't commented until now but this mix is seriously one of the best things ever and i'm at a loss for words to describe how i feel about this mix because it is genuinely exceptional!! it's not fair you can only like things once... and you know, this totally hasn't brought tears to my eyes or anything...

@meredypond THANK YOU SO MUCH DARLING i am actually grinning like a fool right now i am so very flattered. toumaki mixes are my my outlets for my borderline hipster music taste. and you are far from an idiot, love!! ^ ^

Oh my god I've been reduced to a lumpy mess of feels. I don't understand. How could these be the type of songs they'd listen to on their biking dates? These are post dates, what it could be, things didn't work out that's too bad song. They're so depressing! These are not date songs what is wrong with those two? (I on the other hand am immensely in love omg, it feels like my heart has been ripped to shreds I can't stop listening. Any chance you could send me the track list? I'd like to experience it again in the original order.)

@naiyad -shrugs- perhaps it's a tad more sad than i intended to be? :) and here's the tracklist, i reblogged it to a sideblog i no longer use because the format's kind of weird of my other blogs: //