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A taste of Ireland


Ultimate sounds of Irish Traditional music to get you up and dancing!!

  • The Orphan by Damien Mullane
  • Martin Wynnes Reels by Michelle Mulcahy
  • Stig Jig, Diplodocus, The Banks Of Newfoundland by kavandonohoe
  • SHARON SHANNON by Sharon Shannon
  • Blues Jig Sharon Shannon FIMPT 2011 by MusicareaMusicSchool
  • Toffee Jigs (Paddy Fahy's/Leitrim Fancy/Sean Bui) by Jeremy Poitin
  • Martin Wynne's # 2 / Martin Wynne's #1/ The Coalminer Reel by We Banjo 3
  • Shetland Fiddler, Millstream Reel by kavandonohoe
  • Braes of Busby, Sailor on the Rock by Finishing Set
  • Gonna Write Me a Letter by We Banjo 3
  • Bye a While, The Rambler, Catherine Jane's by Starting Set
  • Delighted With Life by Lucy Kerr
  • Live in Vienna by Tripping Up The Stairs/The Fox/The Clumsy Lover
  • Johnny's so Long at the Fair by Sweet Marie
14 tracks