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stop hating on stalia, they're perfect and motherfucking cute & it's not because of malia that stydia didn't worked

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I don't ship sterek that much but i think is cute and i don't hate in any ship because i respect them and the people that ship it. But stydia shippers still being the ones that most hate on stalia and i can say that i ship stydia too, i love the idea of stiles and lydia together or stiles and malia together. I just wanna say that anyone should hate on anything. Sorry for the big text but i had to say it ahah { thanks btw lovely }

I agree 100% with you. I don't ship Stydia that much but if you do, that's fine by me because I think everyone should be able to ship whatever they want as long as they're respectful about it [thanks to you friend, it's always great to find people that appreciate stalia]