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it's a real mean team (but we can love)


it's a real mean team [but we can love]
~~ for the class of '78

track 1: intro
track 2-4: moony (folk, soft rock)
track 5-7: wormtail (prog rock, hard rock)
track 8-10: padfoot (punk, glam)
track 11-13: prongs (pop, pop rock)
track 14-16: james/lily
track 17-19: remus/sirius

19 tracks
2 comments on it's a real mean team (but we can love)

Wow, this is such a good mix ! I especially liked the Padfoot part~ mostly because I really love punk and glam rock~ This is such a great era of music so I liked all of it.

I'm really glad that you didn't just put in some stuff from other eras because you thought it would suit them, but actually put in stuff they probably listen to! Well, if they listened to muggle music (which they totally would).

I can definitely see them listing to these particular songs, too. And getting really into these scenes.

Thank you for making this mix. It's wonderful!