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one of those things


I 99% guarantee that if you listen to this whole mix (preferably alone at night) you will be at least a bit on edge by the end of it. If you're anything like me you might be a lot on edge so if you're easily sent spiraling into midnight bouts of window-scanning skin-crawling paranoia maybe give this a pass. Or not. These are all tracks I've personally used to induce/heighten that kind've mood so take that as you will.

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Gotta say, I did decide to listen to this by myself in the dark (because fuck it, who needs to feel safe at home) and shit, man. This? This is some good shit. Plan on using it for writing that skin-crawling feeling within my story. Again, I really enjoyed this mix!

@LadyOfVoid Ahhhh thank you I'm glad it's helping you get in that mood for your writing, that's what I use this music for too. Thanks for listening and letting me know you liked it!