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the tale of the yuujinchou


a fanmix for the never ending happiness, sadness, and the feeling of friendship that natsume yuujinchou brought to me. { also in honor of me finishing the anime finally, i made a fanmix! }

10 tracks
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Thanks for this Mix. QwQ
This morning i saw this near mine, and klicked on it, because i really like Natsume Yuujinchou! Ich couldn't listen to it, because it didn'nt work.
Right now I'm not feeling well and I think it helps a lot! Even if I'm not all happy now, it comforts so muuuch! Thank youuu!

(Sorry, if my english is bad, I'm from Germany. )

ikeine Sorgen! wissen Sie, warum es nicht für Sie arbeiten?
sorry if it's a bit off i am currently learning german!!

Really? That's cool. ^.^
(So I'm trying to answer in german, maybe you can understand a little bit, good luck! )
Ich glaube, das ist einfach nur wegen meiner Internetverbindung, manchmal läd es einfach nicht richtig...und manchmal funktioniert es. Aber hat zumindest dann richtig geklappt. °-° :3

('s hard to turn all those german abbreviations and phrases into words even google translate understands x)

(If u need any help with german, you can ask me if you want to, I don't have hobbys anyways haha. .o.)