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After a week, Souji finally replies. Yosuke wonders where the hell he's going to get a cassette player in the 21st century. ("email" here, once again:

Annotations are Yosuke's reactions to the song.

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I love both Yosuke's playlist and this one, they both show their personalities to how they would make an actual playlist for one another to a T. It was an adventure to listen to these and just reading the annotations to go along with each song.

@RythmisticBlues uwaaah *A* thank you! Souji's playlist was such a struggle for me; i couldn't really place where i wanted his music tastes to be. yosuke's though, we share the same taste, so

Just saw this playlist on tumblr and when I clicked on it.. holyshit. You made my day (I'm grinning like an idiot now lmao) and plus it feels really like... Souji to send a playlist like this to Yosuke. Pfft.

Seven fucking stars.