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Understanding Humanity


My 50th mix on 8tracks to me is a momentous occasion. I wanted to do something special and I decided to compile a mix that contains speeches that have changed billions of lives around and hopefully it may inspire you to make the world a better place.

❤ the mix if you enjoy it and follow me for future playlists!

Speakers include Jason Silva, Mahatma Gandhi and Neil De Grasse Tyson.

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the multiverse thanks you, and so do I. I have been searching for a mix that can show my love for science and religion, which I personally think say the same thing in different ways. This mix was just what I have been looking for. Absolutely phenomenal mix, by far the best spoken word mix I have ever found on this site, or any other. Well Done, words cannot express just exactly how much this mix means to me, Science bless you for making this mix, and God too.

Thank you! You have a very interesting take on science and religion. It's rare someone believes in both with absolute certainty because one cancels out the other most of the time. I'm going to make a few more soon so hope you like them too!