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Medieval Dance Party


I love medieval music and people think it's weird and sometimes they think it's orchestral because that's the kind of music you hear in LOTR or GOT but there are fun upbeat medieval songs from across Europe and the middle east. I just wanted to make a short playlist of some to show that medieval music can be fun.

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1) Rokatanc by Vox Vulgaris // 2) Cantiga No.1 by Wolgemut // 3) Burlesqua by Patrask // 4) Amarcatu by Os Trabucos // 5) Breton Medley by Azam Ali // 6) Por Conforter Mon Corage by Trouvere Medieval Minstrels // 7) Saderalladon by Patrask // 8) Scharazula & Allemande by Wolgemut // 9) Spanish Bombs by Vox Vulgaris

I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU. This is exactly what I usually need when I search for medieval music - people can keep their wierd neo-Celtic synthesizer and Gregorian chant . . . :P

@Maggie Dougher You're welcome. This is the kind of music they usually play at Renaissance Faires so I usually enjoy this upbeat music better but it is hard to find. Like I'm always searching through youtube, itunes, and bandcamp. I had to leave some songs out because of the 8tracks policy but if you want definitely check out Vox Vulgaris and Wolgemut because they have amazing music.