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the sun still rises and the sun still sets


UPDATE 11/21/2020 for the 5 people still on 8tracks:
this playlist was taken down forever ago due to copyright issues with two songs and its 2am im bored i decided to replace those songs and republish this lol.

*shows up 2 yrs later w depression and a completely new set of fandoms*

yall ever just say fuck it and get way too sad over a (mainly) light-hearted adventure game?

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honestly im an evil little demon who likes the mountain goats so the playlist MORE than won me over with that, but i love that you used songs that feel intrinsically understanding of the game in lyrics OR in a general tone/mood sense, a lot of these songs get that no matter how happy you are there's always some melancholy, and no matter how sad you are there's always some humor... JUST LIKE BOTW ! and even if the lyrics dont exactly match theres a general feeling here that captures how i felt when link would unlock another memory, that bittersweet disconnected melancholy and warmth attached to a memory he...doesn't fully remember SORRY GOD i love this game and this playlist hit me SO GOOD in that spot. the site will NOT let me send this as a reply sorry

@ff7 SDHGLDSK ITS OK!! im glad u liked it so much and liked all my song choices ;___; auuugughhhghgh i grew up w this series so i tried 2 pour my feelings of both melancholy and growing up and my feelings of joy and love in2 this playlist and im glad u loved it so much <3

AS ONE OF FIVE REMAINING PEOPLE....big fan of this playlist :) fanmixes have always been my go to for new music and this introduced me to a new song or two im huge on. also every melancholy link playlist on this site grants me new superpowers and soon i will become unstoppable :D

@ff7 genuinely happy 4 u dude. more power 2 u!! i hope u and the other 4 users keep on trucking!!!! nothing makes me happier than 8tracks users in 2021. also what songs did u like bcos i can prolly rec some more like it

@gerudo-desert im glad u liked that song!! pink floyd was such a huge part of my childhood and so was zelda, and i felt the soft sad lyrics and tone of the song rly fit w this playlist!!! im glad u enjoyed it :0)