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Falling Down


Had a bad day? Was everything going wrong? Here's a mix that will relax your mind and soothe your soul! Enjoy and remember - never order breakfast after 11:30 AM - getting turned down is just going to stress you out!

31 tracks
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@Je&M jojo Thanks so much! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the music! Are you also a fan of the film? I have watched it many times and get a different chuckle out of it every time! One of the best Michael Douglas performances ever, in my opinion!

@accmusique Yes, now I am a fan of the film, actually I have discovered it recently, because in my university we are developing a project about urbanity, society, big cities, architecture and so on, and this film of course is very related with all this topics. Really nice and great performance. Congratulations !!

@Je&M jojo Great to know! btw - if you have any ideas about on mixes that might be fun for me to do, I'd be up for the challenge! Thanks again and best of luck to you in school - A+ and 4.0 all the way! Take care!