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Spies, Double Agents, and Private Eyes!


Many of my favorite films have been about international espionage. James Bond was of course the best in breed.There were also a lot of amazing secret agent shows on TV such as my favorite, the Avengers with the stunning Diana Rigg, Secret Agent, the Prisoner, and those with a comedic approach such as Get Smart! Here is a selection secret agent and PI tunes that I hope you'll enjoy!

35 tracks
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I've been having problems with this mix and 8track says it's because of the Soundcloud files as they're phasing out their relationship with them. You might want to replace the Soundcloud files with YouTube/iTunes versions, because they're preventing the mix from being heard.

It was truly my pleasure Annie, and I am so happy to share with others who appreciate this kind of collection! Those tracks really bring back memories too! Try also my new "Shagadelic" mix that I put together in the spirit of that International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers, Yeah, Baby, yeah! Cheers and have a great weekend!!