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if we go down then we go down together

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I really liked listening to this! I thought it was really cool how you picked a very specific emotion/situation and played to that - I think it led to really specific, interesting choices. I actually didn't know any of these songs (except the tegan and Sara & Gabrielle aplin of course bc I'm gay haha) so I also got some choice reccs out of it! I think my fave for the theme was "Neptune" - it really spoke to both of the characters and where they came from and the circumstances they were kind of stuck in. I also liked the recurrent water imagery in the playlist; it reminded me of the very last scene in a really bittersweet, meaningful way. Part of the fun part also was like imagining which song came from the perspective of which character (though of course a lot of overlap haha) like I think wrists was more Jyn's perspective, and skeptics and true believers felt more like cassian's pov. And then something like war of hearts was emblematic of both. I hope that makes sense as a way of listening to it?? And the ending was so strong like I feel like that tied everything together and really covered all the important stuff, that song was a great find for this playlist! Also I'm not really good at interpreting like the sound/instrument aspect so I won't embarrass myself trying to analyze that lmao