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a gift to mankind

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@sparkysparkyboom ahh tysm b~! sebstan wouldn't agree w the last track bc he has pt i on hIS winter soldier playlist but listen im gonna politely disagree lmao

@sparkysparkyboom i saw it thursday!! i loved it and also cried lmao his acting is always so fuckin amazing and so genuine and im so glad he's getting so much recognition now?? im so proud of him

@gaylabinsky Ahh! You say it on the early screening, didn't you? I saw it on Friday. I know? I wasn't prepared to tear up as many times as I did but it happened anyway. Yeah, Seb is such an amazing actor and all the fame he's getting now! Going to The Late Late Show by himself, to Jimmy Kimmel, to Jimmy Fallon with the crew....ahh it's so wonderful for him!

@sparkysparkyboom yea!! im always prepared to tear up tbh i cry at most movies. im rlly so happy for him. like when he got to do stuff w nasa and always wanted to be an astronaut? bless. (100% dm me on tumblr i have so many feelings abt my son)