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The Healer

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Oh, I see! Well, I play 5th edition, and mostly the sheet organization is the same, other than the spell sheet, which I have my own method for (I write down all the spells I have available and then put stars next to the ones I have prepared). Funny enough, we had a "Bilbo-esque" rogue in Corrin's game. More of a name pun really. He was going to call himself Brodo Swaggins but we convinced him to change his last name to something else at least.

Well I've never played a cleric, and I'm always fascinated by how different people organize there own sheets. It would be like an example of sorts and give me information on Corrin as well. My favorite character would have to be Finnan Tealeaf, a rouge based off of Bilbo

My favorite character to play...would probably be either Redemption (one of my first) or Kaius (who'll be getting a playlist soon). I'm sure I still have Corrin's sheet lying around somewhere. I hoard these things. Why do you ask?

At the time, there was a lot of contention at the table that Theren wasn't really helping with (these two are from the same game. Corrin's part of Theren's backstory as a matter of fact) so I brought in Corrin to be somewhat of a peacekeeper, as well as a character that wouldn't get sucked in to all the party conflict, or end up becoming a tool of our rather heavy-handed DM at the time to sew more contention or railroad the party.