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Acoustic and Covers


+ the best of acoustic and covers
+ listen when you're sad/happy/studying/hungry/etc

ps. thank you for listening to this playlist and helping me get this playlist reach platinum! never thought many people would like this playlist, let alone actually listening to it, so thank you so much for listening!

hope you like it!

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24 tracks
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HELLO I listened to this playlist quite a few months ago and I forgot to like it and I've been trying to find it ever since!!! I'm so happy I found this again omg

this playlist calmed my nerves so much. i'm currently writing a full-length short story for my writing class and this playlist eased my mind. thank you for this wonderful music.

@lazyatlantic i'm so glad to hear that :) wishing you all the best for your story hope you will be able to finish it well! thanks for leaving such a nice comment here :)

Officially the first playlist that as caused me to add virtually every song to my favorites. You've also helped me find the perfect song for my wedding next year. For that I thank you

@necromedes thank you so much for listening, i'm so happy to hear that! congratulations on your wedding :) what song did you have in mind? x