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Vkei Gems of 2015


Some jrock songs that really stood out to me in 2015. Not title tracks. More songs will be added until the end of the year.

12 tracks
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@Dimizu Aw, sorry about that. I really tried to pull some good songs from unpopular bands as well. I'm glad you learned about Arlequin though, they're an amazing band! No problem ^^

i knew this would be good when you opened with arlequin, the gazette, and pentagon and you didn't disappoint. so many amazing bands!! so many of my faves!!! with songs that most people wouldn't hear otherwise!! THIS PLAYLIST IS SO GOOD GREAT JOB IM IN LOVE

@darkenergies Thanks so much! ;w; I think a lot of people just hear the title tracks of a lot of bands so I made this playlist to give love to some other songs hidden in albums/mini-albums. But wow, thanks I'm glad you like it!