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There is some serious global warming going on but today, despite it being November, it is such a good day. New K-hiphop and R&B songs to express how good I am feeling.

20 tracks
2 comments on 좋은 날, 예쁜 미소

@Gemmynolza21 ya he debuted at 2000's xD BTW,are you korean or korean american ? In fact ,sometimes when I watch khiphop video on youtube ,I used to see your comment below it xD Im not tryna stalking you but you're everywhere ! xD You seem like so into it ..

@Immakeepitcool Hahaha! Seriously?? I knew I heard Joosuc before though...good to know! I'm in love with K-hiphop/Indie music. And no, not at all. I am American(: