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냉혹한 진실


"Your mouth goes blub blub, you are you, I am me, accept that shit.."- Jay AllDay (It G Ma)

All NEW Hip-hop songs that are explicitly relentless.

17 tracks
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thank you!!! this mix is perfection. i have to ask who the artist is on the blessings remix? i can't find it anywhere!! 감사합니다 <3

@ceramicplates No, thank you!!!~ CY- Blessing remix?? I cannot find it either...since it's from his Soundcloud account. But I have it downloaded, so he might have deleted but I downloaded directly from his account. His name is CY(aka The Sing) he released a mixtape called The Birthstone last year! Hopefully that helps! Sorry about it~ On his page you'll see his IG link and fb account!