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We were never tragedies

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I think you could put some better tags on this mix like "country", "folk" and even "sad" or "depressing" on some of these songs. I liked "A better son/daughter" to start it out. The Florence and the machine songs were good. Some of the other songs were more depressing than uplifting in my opinion. I'm wondering where you heard all these songs to begin with, I've never heard any of them before. not a bad mix overall, just different(I was waiting for the "uplifting" songs).

Whoa. I literally just saw this comment. Apparently I made an 8tracks account and then abandoned it entirely. I know this is a year old, but I'm curious as to which songs you found 'sad' or 'depressing'. With the exception of the Buddy Wakefield poem (which I would still argue for because I can't think of much else more uplifting than "hearts don't break y'all / they bruise and get better"), I don't think it's a stretch to call them uplifting. I would say maybe they're not all that upbeat, but I kind of think most of them are that as well? Maybe I have a weird definition of uplifting. That would be entirely possible. But have you heard a happier song than 'Warm in the Winter'? (Also I've heard a lot of these songs in a variety of places, but mostly through friends).

They may be uplifting in the message or song lyrics but the music is not what I would call uplifting. Is Warm in the winter an instrumental by glass candy? I listened to that one and it was okay but not very uplifting. There are alot of genres of music that are uplifting but I've found the trance genre to have the most uplifting music. Check out a band/artist called Fanatic emotions(They have some great upbeat and or uplifting music)

It would appear we just have vastly different notions of what constitutes uplifting. It's a pretty subjective thing anyway, what a person finds uplifting. And I read Richard Siken poems when I'm feeling like crap, so take my version of uplifting with a grain of salt. Glass Candy's 'Warm in the Winter' never fails to put me in a better mood, so for me it's uplifting.