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joy be to you all

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Because of course I come back to 8tracks and find one of my fave playlist creators has a Molly playlist xD Great song pics for him! If you don't remember me, I'm a huge fan of your Daedra playlists ;)

@paichan13 Well this was just the nicest notification to wake up to! :D I'm so happy you like this mix, I'm really proud of it. I even got the art commissioned! Thank you for taking the time to comment, and it means a lot that you're still such a fan of my daedra mixes after all these years! :) <3

@genki_garbage Of course! Everytime I find myself going back to Skyrim I remember and listen to them ^^ Though what happened to Dagon's? I have his songlist from the time that 8tracks went down but he's not here anymore?

Oooooh I love this mix! Such a great mix! (Also heck yeah, a new version of The Parting Glass, it seems to show up on so many Molly mixes and I've heard so many of the popular variants.)

@aunt_zelda Thanks so much! I'm incredibly proud of this mix, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! The Parting Glass is just such a perfect Molly song and a beautiful song in general, I'm glad this helped you discovered a new version! ^_^