George Stoitzev
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Pool Party ♛

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i love all your mixes, I dont judge by quantity(# of songs or views or likes) I listen to it based on the genre and then if i like it ill press the little heart button and comment :D but seriously all your mixes are amazing but this one and lyrical flows and stylish beats (i think is the name) are my favorite man!!! you're epic dude! keep it up! thanks for replying to my comments sir!

dude, im glad i made your day! this music made my day better, hell I even downloaded each song specifically onto my phone! all 22!

You made my day. I love that you comment on everything I do. Please keep it up haha.

I like this mix as well. Check out the mixes that alot of people haven't heard in my collection. You'll be surprised that they are some of my best mixes.