George Stoitzev
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Summer is HERE!


The transitions are cultivated to perfection and the drops are near orgasmic. You might shed tears of happiness throughout this mix from hearing songs you have never heard before.

4th mix in the series!

I don't repeat songs i've already used. I don't play songs we've heard Ad Nauseum. I craft mixes that tell a story, not merely a random assortment of songs.

❤ the mix if you enjoy it! and make sure to follow my 8tracks page for future mixes!

13 tracks
8 comments on Summer is HERE!

You're most welcome. My friends also love your sets. And that's exactly how I feel too when I listen to other playlists on 8tracks. Really good work, glad I found your channel!

Really really good stuff bro! You're absolutely right when you say that you include tracks that we've not heard ad nauseum, and that's why I love your playlists. Keep me coming!

Appreciate the support. Yeah, I feel like I keep hearing the same songs from each playlist on 8tracks so I decided to make my own. I haven't even heard the songs before I start making my playlists. Most are not even a day old.