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renly's little rose

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a mix for the hottest boy in all Seven Kingdoms, who makes maidens swoon as he smiles, who knocks others into the sand with a single blow, who misses his king more and more with every heartbeat.

  • Eros and Apollo (Studio Killers cover) by captaincordis
    for the Tourney of the Hand, for wooing the Stark girl the first time
  • Rue's Lullaby by youtube user adrisaurus
    for lazy summer afternoons spent with Renly at Storm's End
  • King Of Carrot Flowers by The Indys Are Coming
    for a childhood spent running around Highgarden with your little sister
  • Piano cover by Kiss from a rose
    the first time you kiss him, aged about 14, and the blue eyes light up
  • 06 Lovers Eyes by s3lene
    you found your king dead on the floor of his tent, gorget ripped open, and now you can't really feel
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
    you still wake at night, thinking what could have happened if you saved him.
  • In Our Bedroom After the War by Stars
    sometimes it's thinking about what could have happened if you'd stopped whispering in his ear
  • If I Die Young(acoustic Cover) by Fatin Majidi
    so you elect to go to Dragonstone, hopeful that you won't come home.
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