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Once Upon A Times...


Wanted to try and write a small fairy tale based on the songs picked for this mixed, I tried as hard as I could to keep it genderless as possible and rather rely on the description of the lands, feelings and actions.

Please enjoy :)

  • Cinderella Trailer Music by Aeon
    Once Upon A Time, there lived an extraordinary soul. So extraordinary that words cannot describe their passion and pain...
  • Cinderella (2015) Soundtrack ● Song Lavender's Blue (Dilly Dilly) by LeeSeven
    This child of the earth lived in a small home, but a large world filled with many of wonders that never ceased to amazed...
  • Run to You by Pentatrix
    But the wonders of the world could not protect the child from hardship of the ages and soon their kingdom was gone...
  • To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra
    Lost and alone, the being left the broken remains of their once beautiful home and traveled far across the lands in search for another...
  • Kingdom Hearts Main Menu Theme Music by David Modesto
    One night when the being was sleeping, they had a vision. In their vision was a castle made of glass, where the heavens light shone through its glistening walls creating rainbows of color throughout its many rooms. A soft voice was heard among the silence, 'Welcome lost traveler, find our home and it is yours to share among the many others like you. You will no longer be alone, but only if you find our palace.' Then the vision disappeared as our traveler woke and set out on their quest.
  • This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home by Murray Gold
    And so the individual set out on their journey. Traveling far and wide, over harsh terrains and across rough seas and along the journey meant many of people who shared their stories with one another and in time a few joined for the expedition to the glass castle in the heavens
  • Once There Was a Hushpuppy by Dan Romer
    After months and months of travels, the group finally came upon the castle of glass and it was just as beautiful as the stories told. It was larger than the tallest mountains and its walls gleamed with each ray of light hitting its surface.
  • Adi Talam - 8 Beats (2 Kalai) by Umayalpuram K Sivaraman
    And they lived Happily Ever After.
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