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Yowamushi Pedal OST

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Something weird is happening with 8tracks when I listen to this. It plays the first five or so songs okay, but after that it skips to another playlist without me pressing skip. And then when I go back to it hoping that it will start with the sixth song, it says that I can't listen to it because I can only listen to a playlist once within an eight hour time period. But I didn't listen to anywhere near all 64 songs! Ugh 8tracks. :/ in any case, this is the only playlist I've seen with the entire first and second ost so thank you so much for making this. I only wish it would let me listen to the whole thing. Maybe you could private message me a download link?

@maxgleiser Firstly, no prob! I love spreading the Yowapeda love~ Secondly, I'm not sure if I am allowed in the first place to mention sites where you can download the soundtrack tbh so I didn't include a link. ;u;