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Gilmore Girls-Season 1


I've recently started re-watching Gilmore Girls which is a show with some fantastic gems of music so I decided to share some great ones and seeing as I just finished re-watching season 1 here are 25 songs from that season which i liked (in order of appearance on the show) :) Lots of eighties and nineties music was used on the show meaning it was all awesome. I may or may not continue this.. depends on how many people like Gilmore Girls I guess and want to relive the music

25 tracks
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Oh the nostalgia! Thanks for putting this one up! Used to track down the music each week back in the early days of this show and adored the resulting playlists. Sad to say, I lost those files somewhere along the line, so I'm happy to find some of them here. It's definitely inspiring me to dig up my other old tv soundtracks and back them up now!