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New Old Japan


Japanese vocaloid, pop, and rock with a traditional flavor. Lots of Vocaloid.

  • Kaito & Meiko by Tsugai Kogarashi
  • Vocaloid by 千本桜
  • Rin by Sakitama
  • 「S」 by ゆよゆっぺ
  • Sakura zensen ijou nashi by Lgt Jy Rave
  • Ninja Re Bang Bang [不知道能洗到谁的脑呢] by Mind.Melody (偏阳光系)
  • Sakurane by Flook-Rmx
  • Tsuki Kage Mai Ka by Cover
  • Feathers Across The Seasons 「四季折の羽」 Kagamine Rin &Amp; Len by Aya Ft Sumashu
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  • (Hold, Release; Rakshasa And Carcasses) Eng Subbed by Hatsune Miku
  • (Tokio Funka) Ver. (Kyounosuke) by Utattemita
11 tracks
2 comments on New Old Japan

I hope this has hold;release, rakshasas and carcasses If not I'm going to be dissapointed Lol. (just kidding it's kind of scary so I get it if you don't want to put it. (I hope it has feathers across the seasons though...

@Amethystwatercolor I actually really like Rakshasas and Carcasses :D I didn't think it fit at first but now that you mention it, I think it does pretty well. Also thanks for bringing up feathers across the seasons, I added that one too. I hope that's okay with everyone who liked the playlist

@gershepen-565 Thank you for considering my opinión I feel flatered ! thanks!!!!! Jesus I'm so happy now! #getting exited for the small things

@gershepen-565 I also taught just now about in the seven sins series the tailor shop in nezibaka!!!! that one coudl be cool if it isn't there already (still hearing the playlist)

@Amethystwatercolor I just listened to it, it sounds nice :D. I think I'm going to stop adding songs to this playlist though and start creating another one. But thanks for the suggestion again! All the songs you've mentioned are really good!!