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in the flesh


i stared at you like a lover and you glanced at me like a stranger.
they might be standing next to you, they might be your lab partner, your best friend's coworker, they could be across the country.
keep your heart open and don't be close-minded.

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4 comments on in the flesh

I'm kind of mad i havent found this playlist sooner than now. This is exactly what ive been looking for in an indie playlist and i love it so much!

@ggardenofeden thanks! you're so optimistic but yeah maybe that someone lives across the world because I don't see someone who likes me here. They say I don't look "passable" for a girl

@lesabeille well, I like you. And you should be optimistic too. Whoever 'they' are, you seriously shouldn't let them dictate your life. Buy a ticket to go across the country this summer, maybe you'll finally meet someone who likes you, for who you are.

this deserves more likes and listens. btw, love that description there but I think there's no hope for me. nobody likes me

@lesabeille omg thank you so much :3 I am 100% positive someone is falling head over heals for you, they are just too nervous to tell you. I like to believe what Caroline Forbes says, in Vampire Diaries, "Smile, someone could be falling in love with you!!!!!!!"