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an fánaí


Selby de la Poer-Beresford, beloved daughter. Born St. Ciarán's Day, 1793. Died July 1815.

The first things she knew were blood and agony and terror beyond measure, and she awoke that night to find herself both alone and, despite her body’s intentions, very much alive. She wandered around, driven near mad by hunger and did unspeakable things in the name of new instincts. By the time Sefton (Vesper Merode’s weaponsmaster, who was conveniently short one apprentice) found her, sent to dispatch her recklessness but instead taking her under his wing to educate her and hone her intelligence into something sharp that flashes in the night, she had already made a name for herself:

An sciúirse as adhmad Choilleagáin or The Scourge of Colligan Wood.

She prefers the simple Nyx.

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