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Vatra Oči


Aydan Zabravec. Or at least she was in the 1480s.

Forged in steel, fire, and blood by Altan, a member of the elite Siladhar in the court of Mehmed II, who was viciously slain a century into her new life. Driven by loss and fury, she established her superiority and deadliness in the field with sword and dagger, blade and shield, eventually earning the name Morana Yarasız. Her reputation preceded her for nearly three hundred years and directed her as a sword for hire from one court and coven to the next until finally she found a metaphorical seat at the court of Vesper Merode at Beersel Castle in Brussels.

Battle-hardened, bloody-handed and fire-eyed. Morana the Unscathed.

16 tracks
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