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Hope or Despair


This is my *somewhat* crappy mix that I decided to create. It's called Hope or Despair because the songs in this mix are a good mix of whether you should despair or feel hope. And they match the DR series pretty well (and quite a few songs would make great character songs). Anyways, enjoy!

Art: The cover photo was, in fact, drawn by me. I did it today, and it took me two hours.

40 tracks
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omg you amazing person. I'll leave it to you to guess, but it's pretty darn obvious, aha. Anyway, awesome playlist!

@dr.kubby XD Oooh, time to guess! But I'm horrible at guessing. Thanks, though! I uploaded every single song in the playlist from scratch, so it quite literally took me hours to set it up. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for compliments :D