Is this playlist safe for work?


is it possible to make a mix that's both creepy and endearing at the same time? i gave it my best shot. so yeah heres a short lil instrumental thing.
track 4 is a bit quiet and track 5 is a bit louder again so theres a warning for that- hopefully the volume increase on track 5 is gradual enough to give you a chance to adjust accordingly when the time comes.
this mix IS supposed to fall in the spooky/horror category, but i dont believe in using jump scares (especially not sound-based ones), given that it causes me anxiety as well, so i promise there'll never be any of that in any of my mixes (at least not intentionally!). in any case i hope you enjoy my mix <3

8 tracks
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this is one of the most disturbing sounding mixes i have ever listened to and it's absolutely perfect. feeling a little queasy from all the organ squishy noises but that could be the several-days old lasagna i ate. love it. and your annotations are priceless.