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10 themes for 4 friends


a song you think is an obvious (or not-so obvious) rip-off of another song
a song containing a lyrical reference to another song
a song you’d dance to with your mom
a song containing a reference to a work of literary fiction
a song you’d like to see (hear) featured in a movie that you’ve never seen (heard) used in a movie
a song not obviously about sex that might be interpreted as being about sex
a song wherein you have, at some point, misunderstood the actual lyrics but sang along anyway with your incorrect lyrics
a song that tells a story about someone dying
a song that continues to makes you laugh
If you took your best memories and ideas from moments on TT / Plug / Dubtrack and wrote a sitcom pilot based on these experiences, what song would you use as a theme song to your sitcom?

10 tracks