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a n i m e r e q u i e m


omg do any of you remember animerequiem?? it was run by rinoa i think? lmao anyway, the autoplay introduced me to some of my favourite songs of all time, so here is where i'm putting them! i'm sure i'll come back and add stuff as time goes on :)

9 tracks
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Jesus Christ It's been eight long, sad years since AR went down and I feel like I'm revisiting a ghost. My childhood ;-; I do remember there being some songs by t.a.t.u and I remember one song being mad world and some songs being by utada Hikaru and and and aaaah so much heartsickness

brUH I CAN'T BELIEVE. the memories, seriously. AR was my childhood. Remembering it now feels all nostalgic and distant and gauzy. I always remember it as having that green layout, too. were you active on the forums as well? anyway, thanks for making this playlist! i haven't listened all the way through, but if there's any that pop to mind that you've missed, i'll comment and let you know (:

I can't believe other people have tried searching this website. This is so crazy! Talk about throw back to eight years ago. Some of the songs that I remember from her playlist are extremely difficult to find. Thanks for making this!

@goodvibes88 I'm so stoked to hear that!! If you can ever remember any others that I'm missing, pleaaaaase let me know. And thank you! :D

oh my god, thank you. i used to listen to this playlist all the time, and have wondered about it since animerequiem went down.

@princeofokay i tried to recall as many of the songs as i could because some of my favourite music of all time came from there; i understand your pain haha. if you remember anything that i missed pleeeaaaase let me know!