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You're Just As Sane As I Am

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Thanks! And I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I've read all the books and seen all the movies multiple times. Right now I'm trying to figure out which character I want to make a playlist for next :)

i discovered lots of new artists due to this mix; thanks a bunch! do you happen to know if any of these artists have gis in london? are they independent and unsigned? i will do my research in a bit when im on the laptop :)

Hi! I'm not too sure about gigs for a lot of these, as I am but a poor college student and the thought of concerts makes me sad, but I know Kate Nash, who's on here is British, so she'd be pretty likely to have shows in England. And I think quite a few of them are either unsigned or on pretty small labels, like Lulu and the Lampshades and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, so yay cheaper tickets!

Very nice, I didn't know acoustic could sound so good.. but dang where do you find some of these bands? I don't see them in stores or anything.

Thanks! I actually get a lot of my music from tumblr, people make downloadable playlists or make their own music free to the public. It's a great way to find bands when you're tired of Top 40.