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My Writing Playlist: Dirty Laundry


Sixteen songs that remind me of my fanfiction: Dirty Laundry. Songs are either used in the fic or something that applied to the story's events or thematic elements. This is the playlist I listened to while writing (along with all your lovely playlists as well.)

Art by Me

16 tracks
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I just finished reading Dirty Laundry and let me tell you. It got so emotional for me like omg I legit almost CRIED and I thabk you for making the masterpiece known as irty Laundry

I almost cried when "accidentally in love" played. I just finished reading Dirty Laundry and the song works so well with how it ended. I love how the playlist is like end credits and Dirty laundry was this beautiful movie.

i freaking love this. all these songs are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing. I love your writing and how you can make me, and I'm pretty sure anyone who has read your book, think about your book with one of these songs!! you're sooooooo talented and i love it!!!!!!!!!!

of course i had to imagine Keith and Lance dancing like dorks to every one of these songs my heart cant take this

I think I have the same music taste as Lance? But I also enjoy emo music? Well, anyway. Dirty Landry was literally one of the BEST fanfictions I have read. Its the second Klance fanfiction i'd read, the first being 'Count the Stars' (which made me giggle when Lance told him the count the stars on his ceiling :)) I would be on Instagram, and people would say that "Dirty Laundry" was the best klance fanfiction. I remember thinking, I beg to differ! And then I read it and it rendered me speechless. Thank you so much for writing it, and making this playlist. This playlist makes me exceedingly happy. Dirty Laundry is a fanfiction I will never forget, it emotionally impacted me in many ways I can't describe. Once again, thank you for writing it. I cannot even begin to describe my unending love for that fanfiction. Thank you so much!

I'm not even kidding the dirty fanfic made me cry really badly at 1:00 am and I'm just blown away and I love this and I love you and thank you so much for making this fic and playlist ahhhhhhh

Just found this! You're story stuck with me and I can't leave it alone lol. Awesome job and love this playlist!