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I'm tired of people.

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OMG thank you for this. I love everything about this playlist. From the fact that this popped up when I searched "Fuck Everyone", to the cover photo. And I love that this list starts with Bitch by Plastiscines, then later Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles and so many other great f-off songs. Many moments of, "EXACTLY WHAT I'M FEELING". So, again, thank you!

Listened to the rest of this mix and also thought "Lily Allen Fuck You" by janeenie was a cool song. Good mix overall.

Thank you for your comments. :) I think that "Knights of Sedonia" will be one of the songs on background as I kill zombies in the future haha.

I've heard that song "I Love it" by Icona Pop before and think that is a really catchy song. I see you like Muse, "Knights of Sedonia" is one of my favorites by them. I have some good mixes I think you might like for female vocals if you want something to listen to.