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'Cause you can grow flowers from where dirt used to be


"We chase the stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me?"

I made this mix for someone who is very close to my heart.. I want to say I love you... I will be here for you no matter what happens because you changed my life forever..

20 tracks
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Songs in this playlist:

The bring me to you- joshua radin
Nineteen- tegan and sara
Everytime I look for you- Blink-182
Sunday Best- Augustana
Rocketship- Shiny Toy Guns
You and I- Lady Gaga
Tighten Up- The Black Keys
If the Moon Fell Down- Chase Coy
Don't Look Back- She & Him
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.- The Fall of Troy
Speechless- Lady Gaga
So I Thought- Flyleaf
The Fear You Won't Fall- Joshua Radin
Straight Up- Halifax
Best of You- Foo Fighters
The Space Between- Valencia
The Taste of Ink- The Used
In The Sun- She and Him