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whistle past the graveyard


well, that is it guys, that is all.
five minutes in and i'm bored again.
ten years of this? i'm not sure if anybody understands.
this one is not for the folks back home.
i'm sorry to leave, mum, i had to go --
who the fuck wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun?

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I still haven't finished with this playlist (so far, it's totally awesome) but I had to comment because I'm watching what other playlists you have and omg. You have another of Nathan (fav Misfits character), and two of NUWANDA (aka my true love), another one of Dead Poets Society in general, AND one of Mundungus, who I love even though he's a bastard bc I role played with him (is that how you say it? spanish here) and stuff. Sooo yeah I'm really excited : D

@persefone-shalott oh my gosh, thank you!! :') we must be alternate universe twins because nathan and charlie are my top two favorite characters of all time ever (i just love jerks, it's a problem) and i used to rp mundungus waaaay back in the day! (and you got it right! hablo un poco de español y tu inglés es perfecto :)) thank you for your kind words, i'm so glad you enjoyed the mix!