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some tunes that make you feel cool.

  • 괜찮냐? (Feat. Black Nut, GIRIBOY) by 스윙스 (Swings)
  • Dream Chaser 꿈이 뭐야 (Feat. Dok2 & 크러쉬) by GRAY 그레이
  • GIRIBOY (기리보이) 계획적인 여자 (Feat. Gganmo & Zico of Block B) by Mi Kyung You
  • In My Head (Feat. 스윙스) by GRAY (그레이)
  • Wake Up (Feat. Swings) by 기리보이(Giriboy)
  • Primary Ft. Dynamic Duo, Zion. T by Question Mark
  • Flat Shoes (Feat. Lovey) by Crucial Star
  • Loco by - Loco
8 tracks
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i don't know if you meant to put this track or not, but the Loco by Loco track is actually Loco by Justin Skye, not by 로꼬/Loco haha. it's actually a rly nice track tho, just not khh lmfao. anyway, aside from that i rly love this playlist bless u <3