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Rosie likes lots of things. She likes nylons and skirts to her knees. She likes the color grey. She likes mixtapes, the scratching of an old cassette player. She likes chocolate cake and sandwiches without jelly. And what she really likes is Logan, but that's a secret for sure. So secret that sometimes she doesn't even know about it.

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OMG you have She's Like The Wind! That is probably one of my favorite songs and reminds me of one of my favorite movies. Patrick was so handsome! Fingirling hardcore right now

@DanaMay1 i'm so happy you're listening to this mix, it's one of my favorites of mine. And yes, She's Like the Wind is the best song eva. Are you talking about Dirty Dancing or Ghost? I love both those movies equally and yesss, Patrick was so handsome.

@DanaMay1 It was in Dirty Dancing, not Ghost. I just really loved Ghost. It had that song Oh My Love, My Darling. I swoon and cry almost every time I hear it.