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I never knew who the hell I was.


"I met a girl who was so broken and lonely
But she wasn’t always this way; she loved to put on a smile
Now when you see her you see only sorrow in her eyes;
She was tormented by her demons and insecurities."
— Maya Merrill.

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So I think I've listened to this playlist for a billion times already and it's still my fav! First of all the tracks really fit Hanna especially in s5. And the songs are all juts beyond perfect. So thank you alot for creating this wonderfull playlist. It's just the best think ever! xx

@aunicornisallyouneed Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment. That's exactly what I wanted, to create a playlist that express what Hanna feel when the others turned their backs on her when she was feeling so lost! So I'm really happy that you liked it :))