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Country songs you probably forgot about


Warning: not for those who dislike country music or are into Taylor Swift. For one of those nostalgic moods. Reminisce to twenty-one forgotten tracks including music by BlackHawk, George Strait, and Dixie Chicks.

21 tracks
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country music makes me think about my dad and growing up as a kid in the country. dirt roads, cattle guards, electric fences, and SPJCT halls. <3

this mix is literally every song I used to dance to in my kitchen when I was a kid and I love it!
but I don't understand how "A Country Boy Can Survive" can be on a forgotten songs mix! :O

Thanks! The reason I put it on there is that a lot of people who like country now don't always know great old songs like that one. People just don't appreciate classic country! :)

oh! that makes sense, totally legit. I have a couple friends that I've converted to country, but they're not into Hank and Johnny and Merle, they're all about swift/underwood..