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For that beast of a paper.


Or that beast of an exam, whatever you need a study playlist for.
Basically a huge compilation of my favorite instrumental pieces to study/write/read, etc. to (some are fast and loud, some are soft and quiet, but all - except two with like 10 sec. of dialogue - are wordless ).

Includes music by Rachel Portman, Hans Zimmer, and Howard Shore.

Need a change of pace?

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100 tracks
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Amazing how 'Ashes to the Wind/Roux Returns' is a perfect prelude to 'The Adventure Begins'. I've listened to the playlist dozens of times and only just realised they're 2 different songs!

This has long been a favourite playlist of mine, but the new licensing thing meaning that it plays via youtube clips has done some funny things to it. One or two suspect videos have crept in, replacing some lovely favourites ("kingdom dance" is now some sort of hip hop, for example...). That said, this is still a wonderful playlist, and helpful for the many hours grinding out that thesis. :)

This mix is incredible, I never found anyone with the same tastes in music as me, Almost all the music featured are my go to motivational and writing music, and thank you for showing me new pieces of music that I will definitely consider adding to said list.

This playlist has gotten me through an entire year of med school. I can't thank you enough for making it, my friend. Definitely one of my favorite study playlists here.