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For the studious mind.


A largely calm, piano-based mix for concentration with uptempo tracks mixed in to give you little boosts of motivation.

A huge compilation of my absolute favorite songs to study/focus/write/read to, just in time for finals.

Many of these songs are in my other mixes, but I hope you'll enjoy new and old favorites alike.

106 tracks, 5.5 hours long, including music by Ludovico Einaudi, Thomas Newman, and many other talented composers.

106 tracks
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This is incredible! Thank you thank you! I know many people may say this, but it really is. At "Declan's Walk" from Leap Year I giggled a little. :)

I often turn to your study mixes when working on a paper, and this time I am working against the clock - thanks for the great collection which inspires concentration. :)