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Lodged in the stacks


It's that time of the semester again: fuel up on coffee, grab a set of headphones, and camp out in the library to get stuff done.

I picked a variety of tracks that I'll enjoy listening to while also writing my senior thesis.

33 tracks, 1 hour 43 min long, including music by Hans Zimmer, Rachel Portman, and Yo-Yo Ma.

**just went through this playlist and swapped out many of the songs that I've had on my other playlists for new ones, so hopefully you enjoy.

33 tracks
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This deserves more likes! I'm learning for my last two exams right now and this (finally) made me relax and have a bit hope in gaining good grades

I have listened to so many of your playlists while writing essays - first discovered 8tracks through your "Enter paper writing mode", and your many excellent playlists have got me through so many essays. Thank you so much!