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im crying about stucky again

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i am also crying about stucky again and this playlist captures The Feels so thank you very much (except for the fact that i'm crying again)

@sunshinesinner thanks!! im always crying about them tbh. the other day i was at work and i remembered the civil war trailer and had to hold back tears... honestly, these songs are just the tip of the iceberg with my feelings for stucky. this isn't a self-promotion, this is me helping a fellow shipper: i have another playlist about them (stucky songs pt 2) and im working on another one at the moment lmao. oh gosh i ship them so hard

This playlist is amazing! It may be the only list on the entirety of 8tracks where I loved every single song. You capture the feelings between Steve and Bucky perfectly: not too sappy, but not too tragic. I love the mix of songs and artists. Awesome job!

@LadyofaLake oh my god thank you so much! i have sooo many songs that i associate with them but obviously i couldnt put every single one into a single 8tracks playlist, both because theres only so long an 8tracks playlist can go for before it becomes a little tedious + the limit of two songs per artist, so im really glad you liked it. again, thanks.